Come join in the fun at the Farm during Our Fall Celebration.


Here are some of the activities you may find:

FARM ANIMALS – See firsthand and visit farm animals including goats, chickens, ducks, donkeys, turkeys, geese, pigs, and even a lama. 
GOAT FEEDING - (1 food cone - 1 ticket)

PYRAMID - (3 tickets)

HAY RIDES –Find a seat and enjoy the ride along the pumpkin patch. (2 tickets) These wagons do not stop for picking! Please walk to one of our two "Pick Your Own" pumpkin patches this year.  

PUMPKIN CHUCKER – Feel the excitement and anticipation as the pumpkin gun takes aim just before shooting a pumpkin over a field toward targets. (3 tickets)

JUNGLE MAZE - Get lost in our original 6-acre maze. (3 tickets)

PUMPKIN PAINTING – Kids can paint a pumpkin here to take along and leave the mess. (4 tickets)

KORNY KORRAL - (3 tickets)

​SAND ART – Make your own one of a kind fall craft. (4 tickets)

​HAUNTIED MAZE COURSE - (2 tickets)​      
PONY RIDES – Come ride your favorite spotted pony. (6 tickets)

MUMMY RUN - (2 tickets)

PONY HOP TRACK- (3 tickets)

INFLATABLE GAMES - (1 ticket per game)

PICTURES – Forget your camera?  No worries......onsite pictures printed in just minutes to capture your visit.

The following activities will return in 2021:

CORN MAZE – A less challenging version of our Jungle Maze. (1 ticket)
SPIDER TOWN – Bigger every year! Discover many new play activities and climb a giant spider web. (3 tickets)
PYRAMID SLIDE – A masterpiece of adventure built from straw. (2 tickets)

BARREL TRAIN RIDES- Ride thru a special corn maze track. (2 tickets)
FACE PAINTING – Pick from over 60 free-handed designs by Deb Tracy with 30 years of experience. (2 tickets)
GIANT "Wild Thing" SLIDE – Ride on your own potato sack all the way to the bottom. (2 tickets)
SPIN THE PUMPKIN RIDE – Climb aboard a giant pumpkin and take it for a spin with your friends. (3 tickets)

CRYING CHICKEN ROLLER COASTER – Rides like this one date back over 100 years. (3 tickets)
TRAIN – Kids and adults can climb aboard the Train at the depot and  enjoy the ride. (2 tickets)                                                                       SWING - Bench chair swing that is super-fast and soars almost horizontally to thrill kids and adults. (3 tickets)   
PIRATE REVENGE BOAT  – For kids of all ages, and parents alike!  There is a surprise with every wave. (3 tickets)
THE HAUNTED BARN – See what is new this year to spook the brave and daring produced by Granite City students. (2 tickets)
BOUNCY HOUSES – An assortment of inflatable activities. (tickets vary)​​

CAMEL RIDES – Slow down and enjoy the humps and bumps in the trail. (6 tickets)



Always Free admission and Free parking.
Tickets are $1.  Activities and rides require one or more tickets.  Some rides have Restrictions.  

Prices can vary and are subject to change.