-School Tours begin Tuesday, October 1st-
  Come join in the fun at the Farm during Our Fall Festival.


Here are some of the activities you will find:
JUNGLE MAZE – Get lost in our 5-acre maze. (3 tickets)
CORN MAZE – A less challenging version of our Jungle Maze. (1 ticket)
KRAZY-KORN PALACE – A place for kids to explore and parents to relax. (2 tickets)
SPIDER TOWN – Bigger every year! Discover many new play activities and climb a giant spider web. (3 tickets)
PYRAMID SLIDE – A masterpiece of adventure built from straw. (2 tickets)
CAMEL RIDES – Slow down and enjoy the humps and bumps in the trail. (5 tickets)
HAY RIDES –Find a cozy seat as you go along the pumpkin patch. (2 tickets)

PETTING ZOO – See firsthand and up close every farm animal imaginable including goats, chickens, ducks, donkeys, turkeys, geese, pigs, and even a lama. (2 food cones - 1 ticket)
PONY RIDES – Come ride your favorite spotted pony. (5 tickets)
BARREL TRAIN RIDES- Ride thru a special corn maze track. (2 tickets)
FACE PAINTING – Pick from over 60 free-handed designs by Deb Tracy with 30 years of experience. (2 tickets)
GIANT "Wild Thing" SLIDE – Ride on your own potato sack all the way to the bottom. (2 tickets)
SPIN THE PUMPKIN RIDE – Climb aboard a giant pumpkin and take it for a spin with your friends. (3 tickets)
THE HAUNTED BARN – See what is new this year to spook the brave and daring produced by Granite City students. (2 tickets)
BOUNCY HOUSES – An assortment of inflatable activities. (tickets vary)

CRYING CHICKEN ROLLER COASTER – Rides like this one date back over 100 years. (3 tickets)
PUMPKIN PAINTING – Kids can paint a pumpkin here to take along and leave the mess. (3 tickets)
TRAIN – Kids and adults can climb aboard the Train at the depot and  enjoy the ride. (2 tickets)                                                                                    SWING - Bench chair swing that is super-fast and soars almost horizontally to thrill kids and adults. (3 tickets)
PIRATE REVENGE BOAT  – For kids of all ages, and parents alike!  There is a surprise with every wave. (3 tickets)

SAND ART – Make your own one of a kind fall craft. (3 tickets)
PICTURES – Forget your camera?  No worries......onsite pictures printed in just minutes to capture your visit.
PUMPKIN CHUCKER – Feel the excitement and anticipation as the pumpkin gun takes aim just before shooting a pumpkin over a field toward targets.  See it on YouTube.                                                                                                                                                


Always Free admission and Free parking.
Tickets are $1.  Activities and rides require one or more tickets.  Some rides have Restrictions.  

Prices can vary and are subject to change.